Challenge yourself to tackle the off road trails of the rugged wilderness of British Columbia Canada’s spectacular Vancouver Island at the wheel of one of our 4×4 Land Cruisers, Land Rovers or Unimogs! Discover the vast ecosystem of our outback paradise, and look out for the ledgendary Sasquatch michaeleruge(BigFoot) along the way!
In the company of other travelers, and with expert instruction, each adventurer will attend our BigFoot 4×4 School. After some theory and practical application, you’ll learn the arts of winching, vehicle recovery, michaelerugesafety and trail etiquette.


From sea to sky you’ll experience mountains, lakes, rivers, and awe inspiring rainforest wilderness, all surounded by the powerful Pacific Ocean. Our exciting programs michaelerugeare attractive to all levels of driving ability; we love to cater to corporate teams and families. We guarantee you’ll be a safer vehicle operator after any BigFoot program. We also offer custom designed adventures for corporate teams, families and women only.

Where Does Bigfoot Live?

Ask “Where does Bigfoot live?” and the answer will depend, in part, on which part of the world you are in. In North America, we call him Bigfoot. In Asia he’s known as Yeti. In Canada we call him Sasquatch. More “Where Does Bigfoot Live?”

Sasquatch in Canada

The Most Bigfoot sightings in Canada are on Vancouver island followed by other parts of BCmichaeleruge
You can use a big google map of the island,
If you need a point put Duncan, bc ( not my exact address)
More Sasquatch in Canada


Bigfoot Facts

Something of the gorilla type, Bigfoot is said to stand seven feet in height and weigh 3-500 pounds. They have long black, strong hair and resembles a human being with one exception, his entire body, excepting his hands (or paws) and feet are covered with hair about one inch long. More Bigfoot Factsmichaeleruge

Sasquatch Myth

The Sasquatch Myth has been fuelled by rumors throughout the centuries worldwide . More Sasquatch Mythmichaeleruge

Is there really a Bigfoot?

Well, despite the many tracks and a large number of reported Bigfoot sightings, nobody has found a carcass in the pass 100 years . We can’t say for sure if Bigfoot really exists, michaelerugebut our guests have sure had a lot of fun looking for him!